Thank you for finding your way over to my portfolio! In this blog, I explore the interrelation of video gaming entertainment culture with storytelling, with the main idea being how well a story is told within a game space. As I explore this blog format more, I find myself enjoying the practice of marketing and seeing what I can actually do with this product. I wish to delve further into this topic, to see what works and doesn’t, while also inspiring a potential reader who was hesitant at first – to try the medium out and see how they like it. I believe that video gaming has a rightful place among the likes of literature and film to be a viable way of telling a story, except this is the only way that one gets to interact with it in real time. The evolution of video games as storytelling devices came about very recently, as such; there are already a large number of games that do exactly that, except many lack depth – while others achieve it. While I am often critical in my reviews, I hold video gaming to a high standard that I believe it can achieve because I’ve seen titles that have done it before. Also, while you’re here – why not check out a couple of my short stories, who knows, maybe they might be effective in the video gaming medium as well?

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